Welcome to my homepage! My name is Tiffany, I am blessed to be the Diocesan Archdeacon and Ministry Development Officer in the Diocese of Grafton.  I am happily married to my wonderful husband Grant Sparks sharing a blended family of 6 children and 1 grandchild.

A Little About Me!

After having my son Thomas at a young age - I finished my senior at night school and continued on to achieve Bachelors in Social Science and Bachelors in Theology (honours). My thesis topic was on women apostles in the early Church. Biblical Studies and Ancient History have always been a love of mine. 

During this time I lived as a single mother I was blessed to have the support of wonderful friends and family. While working on my honours thesis, I was as a sessional Tutor for the department of theology at The Australian Catholic University and The Brisbane College of Theology - this further enhanced my love of Theology. It was such a gift to be able to talk about matters of faith, systematics and historicity in an non judgemental academic environment. After my studies I worked for Griffith University as Assistant Chaplain and Acting Chaplaincy Coordinator which was a privilege and learning experience.

In 2010 I was married to my husband Grant Sparks and 2011 I was ordained Deacon and Priest in the Anglican Church. I have joyously served as Assistant Curate at St. Mark’s The Gap and following that Rector of St. Paul’s Ithaca Ashgrove. In 2019, I accepted the role of Diocesan Archdeacon and Ministry Development Officer in the Diocese of Grafton. A little diocese with a big heart. 

I have a passion for social justice, especially after having Tom so young it really opened my eyes to society's predisposition to stigmatize and scapegoat whole groups of people. Due to my experiences as a young adult - I am particularly passionate about education, sexual and gender equality, domestic violence and suitable welfare systems that support people to flourish rather than punishes them for their position in life. I have advocated for equal love at IDAHOBIT and Marriage Equality Rallies as well as worked with the Department of the Attorney Generals Office to in youth forums to counter hate speech. I believe that there needs to be a greater social presence of progressive religious leaders. 

What are my loves? Well I love my family and friends. I am very blessed to have a supportive family and friendship network, this includes my furry babies. I have 2 Border Collies Chloe and Ruby.

My hobbies include reading, hanging with my dogs, going to the beach, B Grade Horror Movies, gardening and Sing star.