Tiffany Sparks' Bio

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Work History

2019 - Present: Diocesan Archdeacon and Ministry Development Officer, Anglican Diocese of Grafton
2019 - 2022: Steering Committee Member 'Faith Workers Alliance'
2017 - 2019: Secretary of A Progressive Christian Voice Australia
2012 - 2019: Rector of St Paul's Anglican Parish Ashgrove.
2014 - 2017: Archbishops Appointed Board Member for Hillbrook Anglican Secondary School.
2013 - Present: Anglican Church Southern Queensland Vocations Group
2011-2012: Assistant Curate, St. Mark's Anglican Church, The Gap
Jan 2010-Dec 2010: Acting Chaplaincy Coordinator, Griffith University.
2009-2010: Assistant Chaplain, Student Services, Griffith University.
2008-Present: Area Council Member for Student Christian Movement.
2007-2009: Session Tutor, Department of Theology, The Australian Catholic University.
2008: Session Tutor, Brisbane College of Theology.
2008-2009: Youth and Family Worker, All Saints Grovely.
2007-2010: Staff Development Worker, Student Christian Movement.
Bachelors of Theology - Honours (Pauline Literature)
Bachelors of Social Science
Clinical Pastoral Education
Post Graduate Tertiary Studies include: Koine Greek, Pentateuch, 
Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity, Anglican Foundations, Anglican Liturgy and Church Reformation.
Rev Tiffany Sparks contributed a 'Creed' towards '20 years of Glorious Work; The Anniversary of Women's Ordination'

T. Hammer, ‘Wealthy Widows and Female Apostles: The Economic and Social Status of Women in Early Roman Christianity,’ in G.D. Dunn, D. Luckensmeyer & L. Cross (ed.), Prayer and Spirituality in the Early Church: Poverty and Riches, 5 (Strathfield: Paulist Press, 2009), 65–74.
Honours Thesis Topic - Junia, Woman Apostle and Early Roman Christianity.
Groups and Affiliations and Achievements
General Synod Representative ADOG
Faith Workers Alliance
Hillbrook Board Member
Vocations Task Force
A Progressive Christian Voice - member since foundation.
Australian Girardian Seminar - 2012 until present
Student Christian Movement - 2007 - until present
ANZATS Scholarship Winner for 'Outstanding Work' to go to Society of Biblical Literature Conference 2008
Presenter at 2008 Centre for Early Christian Studies Conference "Poverty and Riches".
Part of a student discussion panel for the ABC Encounters Program 2007. 

Volunteer Community Groups
Pastoral Team volunteer at ACU 2006-2008
Organising Homelessness Awareness Liturgies and activities
Sat on Organisational Committee for 'Rock for Refugees'

Student Representative for ACU School of Theology 2006-2007

Mother's Group Coordinator for St. David's Anglican Church Allora 2001-2002